Galatians: True Freedom

“The Way It Is” and the Way of Freedom

Some things seem to never change but God’s promise seem to cut right through our resignation and give us real hope in this life.


Galatians: True Freedom

The Church Is Not a Mutual Affirmation Society

Love and truth are often thought of as competing values. But if we are to love be people, we must find a way to speak truthfully.


Galatians: True Freedom

Are You a Slave… or an Heir?

How you see yourself can determine how you perceive the world. Do you see yourself as a slave to the expectations of others… even God? Or do you understand yourself as a beloved child of God?


Galatians: True Freedom

What Are Your Obligations?

Does God require anything from us in order to be saved? Listen to this sermon on the truly scandalous nature of the Gospel.


Galatians: True Freedom

The Life’s Breath of Freedom

The freedom we experience in the Gospel comes from our trust… our faith… in Christ’s life, death and resurrection. Faith is the life’s breath of our freedom.


Galatians: True Freedom

Slavery to Spiritual Formulas

Sometimes we prefer certainty… safety… to freedom. In our spiritual life, we reduce our relationship with God to boxes we have to check to make sure we are good, instead reveling in the freedom his love gives.


Galatians: True Freedom

Free from Being ‘Somebody’

Our pursuit for significance and to be ‘somebody’ can be a self-destructive path and a kind of slavery. The Gospel frees us so that we can truly love God and the people around us.


Galatians: True Freedom

What Does it Mean to Be Free?

We talk a lot about freedom… freedom from cultural norms… freedom from injustice. But what does it actually mean to be free?


When Life Is Bitter: How Bitterness Gives Way to Joy

The summary of the Book of Ruth is a brief genealogy that shows how the redemption of Ruth and Naomi culminates in the birth of King David. In that unfolding story, we see a patterns of how or frustration and bitterness in this life might give way to joy.


When Life Is Bitter: Stop Scheming. Start Trusting

God is good but sometimes it feels He is slow in making good on His promises. That’s when we need to watch out for the urge to manipulate circumstances… others… even God.


When Life Is Bitter: An Unexpected Faith

Do you think your life is consequential? Does your faithfulness make a difference in the world. Listen to how God used a foreign widow’s faithfulness to her mother-in-law to change the world.


When Life Is Bitter: The Book of Ruth

What is the reason for the suffering we experience in life? Is God cruel? Or are we at fault? We see in the Book of Ruth that God has works through the pain the turn our bitterness to blessing.


Love of Country

With many expressing disdain for America and others praising her as God’s nation, how is the Christian supposed to think of the country where we live?


Faith and Suffering

Help My Unbelief series: “When God doesn’t heal suffering, is it because of my lack of faith?” Dealing with possibility that suffering might be my fault.


Providence and the Pandemic

Help My Unbelief series: “What was God doing in the pandemic?” When wide-scale suffering hits, we question God’s plan… his goodness… even his existence.


“Dead in Sin… Alive in Christ”

Help My Unbelief series: “I have questions about predestination!” How the sovereignty of God brings comfort in my salvation.


“Let Us Shut Out the Night”

Safe Harbor Series: The essential nature of hospitality to the mission of the Church.


“Only One Thing Is Necessary”

Safe Harbor Series: Connecting people with Christ is the one thing Church must be doing.


Hope for the Future

Safe Harbor Series: Its safe to hope because of God’s promise.


Power in Belonging

Safe Harbor Series: It safe to be in relationship.

Audio coming soon.


Freedom in the Gospel

Safe Harbor Series: Its safe to ask questions… to doubt… to struggle.

Audio coming soon.


The Dignity of All People

Safe Harbor Series: It safe to be ourselves.


The Glory of God… and Humanity

Safe Harbor Series: Its safe to offer ourselves.


Safe Harbor: Rest for the Weary, Rescue for the Prisoner

Safe Harbor Series: An introduction to the mission of the Safe Harbor Project,


Bible Study: Small Beginnings

An introductory study on the values of the Safe Harbor Project.


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