Safe Harbor Project

Rest of the Weary, Rescue for the Prisoner

Does life… and even church… leave you feeling tired?

Are you trapped by having to perform… or by some pattern in your life you use to cope with the stress?

The Safe Harbor Project is a church community where you can find rest and rescue!

Safe Harbor was formed to provide a place of safety and rest for people “bruised and broken by the fall.” We want to give people the opportunity to experience church community as a place of healing as opposed to wounding… a place of honoring instead of shaming… a place of love instead of resentment. It’s not that we think there aren’t churches that provide this, but we believe there needs to be more, particularly for those wounded in the context of a Christian ministry.

So, we are starting Safe Harbor Project with church health and pastoring people at the fore. Why ‘Safe Harbor Project’? We are calling it ‘Safe Harbor’ because that’s what we want this church family to be: a safe place of rest, refreshment, and refueling… and then back out on the sea to live life well!

Check out our website and the resources we have here. After that, we hope you will join us for Sunday worship, a party or just a chat over coffee soon.

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